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I’m a freelance journalist, based in the UK. I have worked as a reporter on a local newspaper, the music editor of a listings magazine, and written about the rise of digital photography back in the 90s but my main beat for the last twenty years or so has been covering commercial and industrial printing. I’ve written articles for many magazines over the years, mostly in the UK, but also as far flung as India and Australia and my work has been translated into other languages from German to Japanese.

Printing and Manufacturing Journal

I publish a website – Printing and Manufacturing Journal – that initially focussed on various aspects of commercial printing, including labelling and packaging printing as well as display graphics. This led me to an interest in industrial printing, including textile printing for garments and decor, plus various types of manufacturing that also use printing technology, and which has become the major focus of my work now. Inevitably that also includes 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. Much of the technology behind 3D printing is quite different to graphics printing, though there’s a surprising amount of crossover, and this is one of the themes that I explore through my work.


Besides writing, I also do a fair amount of photography, which is covered at a separate website here. My photography is mainly editorial in nature, which reflects my work as a journalist, as well as some portraiture and fine art. I mostly shoot digital but rarely do much post-processing beyond tone mapping and light cropping – just what we used to do in a dark room with film. I mostly take photographs for myself and to illustrate the stories that I write but I’m open to discussing commissioned work with anyone interested.

Contact me

If you have an interesting project that you would like to discuss, or a tip for a story, or just want to say hi, you can contact me from a form here.

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.

George Orwell

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